There is  a Producer quality warranty for all types of Salmerk heating system

Warranty period of Salmerk heating system product: (kit №1-7):

Aluminum heating strip – 20 years

The system unit, which includes built-in electronic unit, transformer, thermostat – 5 years

The manufacturing company undertakes to perform warranty repair or replacement of the good during the warranty period, except in stipulated by these obligations cases and on conditions that the buyer fulfills all installation and operating requirements of the good.

As a warranty shall be considered the case of a defect (loss of function) of any of the components of the product during the warranty period except:

  • damage caused by fire;
  • damage connected with the insects and small animals activities;
  • electrical damages of equipment units and components resulting from voltage spike, improper connections, improper selection of the supply voltage, use of safety fuses or protection tripping devices of high working current;
  • electrical damages of equipment units and components connected with the ingress of water and other liquids;
  • defects caused as a result of violation of rules and procedures of operation, maintenance, transportation or storage;
  • mechanical damage (including accidental) due to impact or other external actions;
  • mechanical damage resulting from the operation of equipment with exceeding of operating ranges and load characteristics stated by the Manufacturer;
  • defects resulted from normal wear and tear or expiration of Service terms of equipment components (consumables, batteries, accumulators, lamps, fuses and suchlike things);
  • defects resulting from non-original spare parts use, as well as a result of involving for maintenance, repair or modification of equipment of private individuals or organizations not agreed with the manufacturer in a written form;
  • damages caused by the use of equipment not for the intended purpose;
  • defects resulting from the use of components, consumables or other parts not approved by the Manufacturer.

The condition for the fulfillment of the guarantee obligations is the providing by the buyer of the completed Warranty Certificate, detailed plan of the premises and the installation scheme, detailed defect description, copy of the document which confirms the purchase (check/bill).

When purchasing the product, make sure that the seller has filled in the warranty certificate.




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Salmerk company info: 

KDM PRO d.o.o.

Slovenia, 1000 Ljubljana, Celovška cesta 228



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The Salmerk heating system — is a unique technology. Cost efficiency, durability and ease of use make Salmerk system as one of the most cost saving and rational solutions for heating objects of various special purposes.

Salmerk heating systems are widely used in the private housing, industrial and commercial construction, agriculture, motor-vehicle industry and other industries too.

The manufacturing company is looking to cooperate with partners in multiple countries of the World:

◦            Distributors

◦            Commercial network

◦            Specialized e-commerce sites

◦            Construction and specialized stores

◦            Real estate developers and construction companies

◦            Utility rooms and construction module buildings manufactures

◦            Wheelhouses and mounting houses manufactures

◦            And other wholesale buyers


For specialized objects such as:

◦            Outdoor and indoor sports centers and stadiums

◦            Agricultural complexes, greenhouse facilities

◦            Heat pipelines

◦            Warehouses and production facilities

◦            Schools, kindergardens etc.

as well as objects with the area of more than 500 m2, Salmerk offers design solutions and the preparation of individual commercial proposals with the use of Salmerk heating technology.

The proposal is made on the basis of the project documentation provided by you.

Please send your partnership proposals on

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