Underfloor heating 12v

Apartment underfloor heating kit 12v

The problem of insufficient heating in apartments is especially acute in the cold off-season.

The Salmerk underfloor heating system is actively used for heating apartments, firstly – due to the fact that more and more people don’t want to depend on utility providers and unstable central heating, and secondly – there is a fact that more and more people prefer to stop using inefficient and not good-looking radiators on the wall and choose comfortable and modern warm floor. The Salmerk heating system for apartment does not require any approvals or permits. The Salmerk underfloor heating system is easy and quick to install under any floor covering. The Salmerk underfloor heating system can be applied throughout the entire apartment, in bathrooms and even on the balcony.

The Salmerk heating system is the most energy saving and long term solution for heating your apartment.

House underfloor heating kit 12v

The Salmerk heating system is a professional and energy saving solution for heating your home for many years. The Salmerk underfloor heating system completely replaces any other heating system, and in addition, will provide comfort and easy-to-use modern technology for reasonable cost. To be able to install Salmerk heating in the house you do not need: designs, approvals, boiler room, and complex engineering systems utilities. All you need is to connect the power cable, install the wall-mounted system unit and the thermostat, lay the heating tape along the room area and connect the system. The heating tape is laid under any floor covering and the wall mounting is possible as well.

The Salmerk underfloor heating system is used to heat the entire area of private house, as well as for: technical and service premises, bathrooms, bathhouses, winter gardens and greenhouses, street paths and parking lots, stairs.

The Salmerk heating system has proven its efficiency in many countries around the world. In 10-year perspective Salmerk underfloor heating system saves more than 100% of the cost in comparison with other heating systems. The system does not need further maintenance, service or preventive treatment.

Greenhouse heating kit 12v

The maximum coverage area by ​​the heating element and the comfort operating temperature is 23-25 ​​° C without overheating and soil drying up makes the Salmerk heating system one of the best systems and energy saving solutions for soil heating in industrial and garden greenhouses, as well as winter gardens. The operating voltage of the Salmerk heating system is 12v and therefore it is completely safe and long-termed. Easy-to-use heating control by the means of automatic thermostat will make the operating of your greenhouse maximally productive and cost-efficient at any time during the year. With the use of detailed instructions, the system can be installed independently.

Roof anti-icing heating kit 12v

In unstable climatic conditions Salmerk anti-icing system is essential for roof heating, mainly for roofs with flexible tiles. The heating tape of the system is laid directly on the rough roof covering (OSB) and covered with flexible tiles. The anti-icing system is controlled directly from the home, and in snowy weather it will quickly and cost effectively melt the snow on your roof and will unload it, and also will prevent from icicles and ice coating.

The main advantages of the Salmerk anti-icing system are: longevity period and reliability, easy installation and easy-to-use system control, and of course, energy efficiency and effectiveness of roof heating.

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The Salmerk heating system — is a unique technology. Cost efficiency, durability and ease of use make Salmerk system as one of the most cost saving and rational solutions for heating objects of various special purposes.

Salmerk heating systems are widely used in the private housing, industrial and commercial construction, agriculture, motor-vehicle industry and other industries too.

The manufacturing company is looking to cooperate with partners in multiple countries of the World:

◦            Distributors

◦            Commercial network

◦            Specialized e-commerce sites

◦            Construction and specialized stores

◦            Real estate developers and construction companies

◦            Utility rooms and construction module buildings manufactures

◦            Wheelhouses and mounting houses manufactures

◦            And other wholesale buyers


For specialized objects such as:

◦            Outdoor and indoor sports centers and stadiums

◦            Agricultural complexes, greenhouse facilities

◦            Heat pipelines

◦            Warehouses and production facilities

◦            Schools, kindergardens etc.

as well as objects with the area of more than 500 m2, Salmerk offers design solutions and the preparation of individual commercial proposals with the use of Salmerk heating technology.

The proposal is made on the basis of the project documentation provided by you.

Please send your partnership proposals on info@salmerk.com

new electric underfloor heating system kit 12v

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