Energy saving electrical heating system 12v for greenhouses

Salmerk 12v – is a next generation professional energy saving electric heating system for greenhouse soil. The heating technology of Salmerk 12v is based upon the use of flexible and safe aluminium heating strips which distribute heat in an efficient and uniform manner without overheating or dehumidifying the air in the greenhouse., this means more stable soil temperature, prolongation of the growth season from early spring till late autumn, more stable microclimate and low energy consumption or in other words lower energy bills.



Salmerk heating system 12v for greenhouses with its European quality is more than 14 years on the market. It shows more than 50 years of operational lifetime. Low power consumption as a result of the optimum working temperature of the system guarantees you lower energy bills.

Using Salmerk heating system 12v you don’t need boiler room because it is installed ditrectly in the heated area, this is possible because of flexible and robust heating element. There is automatic thermostat with LCD display is included in every kit.

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The Salmerk heating system — is a unique technology. Cost efficiency, durability and ease of use make Salmerk system as one of the most cost saving and rational solutions for heating objects of various special purposes.

Salmerk heating systems are widely used in the private housing, industrial and commercial construction, agriculture, motor-vehicle industry and other industries too.

The manufacturing company is looking to cooperate with partners in multiple countries of the World:

◦            Distributors

◦            Commercial network

◦            Specialized e-commerce sites

◦            Construction and specialized stores

◦            Real estate developers and construction companies

◦            Utility rooms and construction module buildings manufactures

◦            Wheelhouses and mounting houses manufactures

◦            And other wholesale buyers


For specialized objects such as:

◦            Outdoor and indoor sports centers and stadiums

◦            Agricultural complexes, greenhouse facilities

◦            Heat pipelines

◦            Warehouses and production facilities

◦            Schools, kindergardens etc.

as well as objects with the area of more than 500 m2, Salmerk offers design solutions and the preparation of individual commercial proposals with the use of Salmerk heating technology.

The proposal is made on the basis of the project documentation provided by you.

Please send your partnership proposals on

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