What is Salmerk aluminium underfloor heating system?


— Salmerk aluminium underfloor heating system – is an energy saving heating system of new generation. The basic unique heating element of Salmerk electric floor heating system is a flexible and stable aluminum heating strip, which is laid under all kinds of floor coverage and under concrete screed. The percentage coverage of the area by the heating element is up to 65% of the heated area and it several times exceeds any other heating systems. Moreover the operating temperature of the system does not exceed 28-30°C and the operating voltage is from 5V till 42V. All these features make Salmerk underfloor heating system one of the most efficient and energy saving system in the market. Due to low voltage the system is completely safe and effectively used for heating outside parking lots, paths, planthouses or roofs during the winter period.

The Salmerk heating system is sold as a ready-made kit for premises with different sizes. It is possible to install the system with no outside help and it will not take long time. Each kit includes everything you need, a detailed description and instructions for installing the system.


Is the Salmerk heating system reliable? 


—Yes, the Salmerk heating system is reliable. The average warranty period of products provided by manufacturers for heating systems is 2-3 years; we also provide a 20-year warranty for aluminum heating strip and a 5-year warranty for the system unit.

The mission of the company is to produce and sale the most cost saving durable heating equipment.

The estimated operational lifetime of the main elements of Salmerk system:

Aluminum heating strip – over 100 years;

Toroidal transformer– over 50 years;

Other electronic elements of the system even after the warranty period can be purchased for replacement which cost is incommensurably low in comparison with basic elements.


Is it expensive to maintain Salmerk underfloor heating system?


— Salmerk  electric floor heating system does not need service or preventive maintenance after its installation and connection. Besides the low power consumption, the manufacturer has done everything possible to save consumer’s expenses for the heating system. That is why when calculating inputs to the heating system for your home for the next 10-15 years it turns out that the Salmerk heating system is the most convenient and efficient solution in comparison with other heating systems.


How to calculate needed quantity of kits for all rooms in my apartment?


— There are 7 different kits, which differ in terms of capacity and heating area (for the apartment with the area size from 7m2 to 43m2). Each kit is equipped with its own thermostat. It is most conveniently when there is a possibility to regulate the temperature in each room separately, in this case it is necessary to mount a separate kit in each room (For example, kit No. 5 is suitable for a separate bedroom with 15 m2 area size). A separate thermostat will allow you, for example, to turn off the heating or to significantly reduce the temperature in the room or adjust the heating program.

In case if you have several open or walk-through rooms (for example, an entrance hall, corridor, living room – a total area of 38 m2), then it will be more cost – efficient for you to put one kit No. 2 with single thermostat for all three rooms.

Choose the right quantity of kits depending on your heating areas and needs.


Will I succeed to install the Salmerk heating system with no outside help?


— Yes, the system can be installed without outside help; the layout scheme of the heating tape is very simple. We have prepared for you the detailed description, with all technical features and instructions for installation under various floor coverings, as well as the connection procedure. The instruction is attached to each kit of Salmerk underfloor heating system in the original package.


Is the underfloor heating system not harmful for human health?


—The Salmerk underfloor heating system is absolutely harmless, and in fact it is even useful, because it protects you from cold, which basically starts from freezing feet.

It is considered that excessively high temperature of the underfloor heating is really has a negative effect on veins and blood circulatory system wealth. The floor temperature more than 34°C is already insufficient for people when standing on the floor for a long time. This is a serious problem of electric-powered floors with the high-temperature, operating as a rule under 220v voltage.

The Salmerk underfloor heating system operates at low temperatures of 28 – 30°C. The temperature of floor covering generally does not exceed 26°C and it is an absolutely comfortable and favorable temperature even for small children. In addition, the operating voltage of the Salmerk system is only 5 – 42 Volts, which is absolutely safe for using.


Under which type of floor covering the Salmerk aluminium underfloor heating system can be applied? 


—Salmerk aluminium underfloor heating system can be applied both for new buildings and for reconstructed premises.
The heating element of the system is a flexible and strong aluminum tape, with the  thickness of only 0.25 mm, and this allows to install it under concrete screed, as well as under any type of floor covering, for example: under ceramic tiles, laminate, parquet, linoleum or carpet.

The Salmerk heating system is installed even on walls or ceiling. The principle of laying the tape on the wall is the same as under the floor, following that a layer of plaster is applied on the wall through the facade fiber optic mesh and your wall or ceiling heating is ready. The only difference from the floor version is that in the case of underfloor installation you get a really warm floor and maximally efficient heat distribution. Perhaps, in the case of wall mounting options, you will have to cover a slightly larger area to compensate the heat loss.

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The Salmerk heating system — is a unique technology. Cost efficiency, durability and ease of use make Salmerk system as one of the most cost saving and rational solutions for heating objects of various special purposes.

Salmerk heating systems are widely used in the private housing, industrial and commercial construction, agriculture, motor-vehicle industry and other industries too.

The manufacturing company is looking to cooperate with partners in multiple countries of the World:

◦            Distributors

◦            Commercial network

◦            Specialized e-commerce sites

◦            Construction and specialized stores

◦            Real estate developers and construction companies

◦            Utility rooms and construction module buildings manufactures

◦            Wheelhouses and mounting houses manufactures

◦            And other wholesale buyers


For specialized objects such as:

◦            Outdoor and indoor sports centers and stadiums

◦            Agricultural complexes, greenhouse facilities

◦            Heat pipelines

◦            Warehouses and production facilities

◦            Schools, kindergardens etc.

as well as objects with the area of more than 500 m2, Salmerk offers design solutions and the preparation of individual commercial proposals with the use of Salmerk heating technology.

The proposal is made on the basis of the project documentation provided by you.

Please send your partnership proposals on info@salmerk.com

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